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Look At This Sweet Little Tyke

Today he is sixty. Happy Birthday, Pops!

And thanks for the cute nose.

Eve’s Daddy is also celebrating his birthday today. I haven’t got the picture I want of him, as a chubby-cheeked, giggling infant, but one of these days I’ll post it to remind people that yes, he once had fat on his body. Happy Birthday, darling.


If We Took A Holiday

Wow, it’s been more than a month since we left for our vacation. And it feels like we spent more than 17 days in the company of all our lovely people out west.

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Our yearly jaunt to the U.S. for July 4th is something we really look forward to. It’s not just that the trip reunites us with loved ones, and lets Bean get to know her extended family better: it’s also a great excuse to eat ice cream daily and go to the beach. Really. The weekend at the Jersey Shore that typically gets folded into our summer vacation is just about the best shot we have at real summer weather most years. And they have fireflies.

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So Many Apologies


Too much fun. (Picture by Joan)

Sorry! It’s been more than a month since we came back from our trip to the US, and I haven’t been up to blogging much. Like everyone else, we’re in a summer slump. There’s been work to catch up on, mileage to pile on (I am getting ready for the Chicago Marathon again), house improvements to be done, along with gardening and creative writing that needs my attention.

OK, so not so much a “slump” as “insanely busy”.

Here are two more pictures Joanie took while we were in the USA.

you gonna finish that?

Are you gonna finish that?

There were too many lovely moments on that trip. Bean getting acquainted with her Texan cousins– playing with Neil on the beach, whacking Hunter and Alex with pillows– and demolishing her Dad’s ice-cream cone. Saying “Woooow!” upon seeing the ocean for the first time. Pointing to the swings and asking “Wide?”. Going bonkers at the sight of Uncle Dave and her Grandpop.

uncle davey

"And next time I'll teach you how to start fires!"

She’s been busy since then: more words, more teeth, more skill with a fork.

More soon, I swear. Again, sorry for not posting.


It’s a pretty short season in Britain, so it’s important to grab it with both hands while you can. A beautiful day here. I ran 10k in the hills this morning, and Trev took Bean  into the park to see “goggies” and walk around on the grass.

This evening, I have been weeding, while Bean dreams of gridiron glory:

half pint half back

That is not a regulation uniform, ma'am.

Meanwhile, I’ve been drying our bed linens on the line and have laid them over the lavender and rosemary hedges for a little extra something. I’ve also had moral support from Zeno:

lawn inspector

Lawn quality inspector, Feline division

And, I confess, some of what I believe is called “Dutch courage” (what? Cup holders are a perfectly fine feature for a stroller).

luxury features

Don't judge me.

The Week In Bean: Week 52

I know it’s still raw in the Northeastern US, but the weather on the island this week has turned towards more light and warmth at last. Over the weekend we celebrated the birthdays of Eve’s paternal grandparents (both 70) and were pleased to be able to share with them lovely photos taken by a professional photographer Simon knew of. For instance, this one:

the family

Good Lord, I need a haircut.

Photos of the Family Foz were taken as well, but some retouching was required, viz.:

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But They’re Couuuuusins…

Stenaphie Fwaaaah

Aunt Stephanie and Eve on 3/3/09

Just an update: Eve’s Aunt Stephanie was due to have her baby on the 17th. As she or he is 12 days tardy (must run in the family!), Steph went round to the hospital this morning. They checked baby’s vitals (all’s well),  and administered some induction drugs. Steph and Simon are relaxing at home now, spending a few last quiet hours together.

Things should kick off this evening, and baby will most likely join us before the old year passes on. Perhaps it will be a girl, and she and the Bean can have a sitcom:

Here is best wishes for an easy, quick labor and a healthy newborn. We can’t wait to meet Eve’s cousin.