Cousin Foz


I took Bean into town today for lunch and some time at the BMAG. Auntie Steff and cousin William (“Wa-na”, as Eve said)– known more often as Mr. Charm– met us there. Eve and I took the train home, and looked out the window. Being a good mum who wants to develop her child’s language skills, I narrated.

Printed Fabric Design - Tulip and Willow by William Morris, 19th C.

Me: Look, honey, ducks.

Eve: Duck! Quack-wack-wack.

Me: And birds in the sky.

Eve: Birdts! Birdts inna kyyyy.

Me: And there’s the canal.

Eve: (a withering look) No! Water!


She knows best.


The Week In Bean: Week 52

I know it’s still raw in the Northeastern US, but the weather on the island this week has turned towards more light and warmth at last. Over the weekend we celebrated the birthdays of Eve’s paternal grandparents (both 70) and were pleased to be able to share with them lovely photos taken by a professional photographer Simon knew of. For instance, this one:

the family

Good Lord, I need a haircut.

Photos of the Family Foz were taken as well, but some retouching was required, viz.:

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Eve & Cousin William

Not much to say, just a picture. William is a sleepy little guy at present. Eve was very animated and patted him on the head during our visit.


Eve, 10 months; William, 3 days

Steph looks terrific. Her labor lasted about two days, and she powered through just with nitrous oxide as her pain relief. Don’t be fooled by the petiteness and cuteness: girlfriend is tough. You do not want to meet her down a darkened alley.

Like his cousin, Will’s got loads of hair. I think he also got his Mum’s eyes (time will tell).  He certainly got Simon’s nose, and he’s got great big hands and feet. Auntie Rose is prepared to teach him the butterfly. He’s got the paddles for it.

But They’re Couuuuusins…

Stenaphie Fwaaaah

Aunt Stephanie and Eve on 3/3/09

Just an update: Eve’s Aunt Stephanie was due to have her baby on the 17th. As she or he is 12 days tardy (must run in the family!), Steph went round to the hospital this morning. They checked baby’s vitals (all’s well),  and administered some induction drugs. Steph and Simon are relaxing at home now, spending a few last quiet hours together.

Things should kick off this evening, and baby will most likely join us before the old year passes on. Perhaps it will be a girl, and she and the Bean can have a sitcom:

Here is best wishes for an easy, quick labor and a healthy newborn. We can’t wait to meet Eve’s cousin.