About Us

Bean is proof that you can get all kinds of great stuff on the Internet.

Her parents are an American Citizen (Rose) and a British Subject (Trev) who met online in early 2004. Trev won Rose over by typing something about giant crabs in his back bedroom in Birmingham that wound up on a message board with servers based in St. Louis that made hot coffee come out Rose’s nose in Chicago when she read it.  

“Who are you and when can we be married?” she wrote. “Anyone who can make me laugh on a Monday is groom material.”

To further demonstrate his fitness as a groom, Trev flew 4,000 miles for a first date, which was a resounding success, and in September 2005 the long-distance lovers got hitched at Rose’s parents’ home in Pennsylvania.  They now live in the British West Midlands with Bean and their cats.  

This page is largely here for the amusement of family members, but if you have stumbled across it without knowing us, welcome, and be nice.



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