Smarter, Not Harder

The Bean spent the day at Kenilworth Castle, hiking through fields, picking flowers, and handling interesting Elizabethan gravel. Then she “helped” me re-pot some plants, and dug things up with a stick, and by 7 pm she really rather urgently needed a bath.

Eh. It’s a holiday weekend. It’s sunny, I’ve already opened a cider– I prefer to sit in the garden and do nothing for a while. Fortunately, there’s a solution that gets her 75% clean:

Washing up while washing up.

Washing up while washing up.

All you have to do is clear the sink of pointy or breakable things, fill it with warm water and a bit of gentle soap, and let her do the rest. For the next hour she’ll happily pour water from container to container, sloshing water on herself and on the floor. Come bedtime, you dry her off, get her to wash her face and brush her teeth, and it’s story time.

As an added bonus, you can then mop the kitchen floor. This parenting thing is a piece of cake.

Lady at the Window

Gazing over Warwickshire.




  1. I remember my mom letting me play in the kitchen sink on rainy days while she did the ironing. It’s in the blood!

  2. i love your entry illustrating your smarter not harder parenting skills, but i gotta tell you that the memory your father shared really hit me! Imagine a late 20’s Edith ironing in the kitchen on Greenwood Drive smiling at a 3 or 4ish Christopher Stephen at the sink! Does your heart just smile and melt at the same time or what?
    That cuteness has saved him all of his life

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