Hiding Her Light Under a Bushel

“Oh, I’m Bean. I have autism. My fine motor skills are soooooo undeveloped. I don’t like holding a pencil or a pen or anything like that. Sure I write my name’s letters sometimes but I’ll feebly clutch the pen like a dead bird when I do it and I’ll give up halfway through the second E because it’s just all a bit much.

But you know, sometimes, maybe, while you and Dad are watching a baseball game, I’ll just grab a crayon and whip out an entire rabbit person, with irises and pupils and everything, like this:

This is Lau-Lau from Waybuloo. AS IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW.

This is Lau-Lau from Waybuloo. AS IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW.

“Because I’m Bean, and autism or not, I do WHAT I want WHEN I want and HOW I want. Get it through your pointy heads, chromosome donors.”

You guys, she drew a picture! I am so excited.



  1. Sounds like a pretty normal kid to me – autism or not. Enjoy the willfulness – she’s got a strong personality that will carry her through life. Lucky girl to have you two as parents.

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