Color Commentary

Bean watched some NFL action with her Daddy last night and gave us running updates on the progress of the game. Which she is qualified to do, as someone who has handled the ol’ pigskin herself, viz.:

half pint half back

She used to play, you know. (2010 photo)

The game was the Baltimore Ravens vs. aunt Anya’s Indianapolis Colts, and during the scoreless first quarter, Bean noted that:

“The people is running and has a ball! Clapping! Yes, go people! You get up, people, and take the ball!”

In the second quarter, when Baltimore put the first points on the board with a field goal, Eve had the following observation:

“He kicked it! He kicked a ball and it is flying in the sticks! Oh wow!”

But her allegiances began to show when the Colts answered the field goal with one of their own. Reaction was swift and vehement:

“No, you stop it! You stop a kicking, go out! Get out of here!”

We are denied further commentary as the Bean had to go to bed during halftime. Sorry, Anya. The kid clearly prefers the Ravens. Just another reason to hate Joe Flacco, I guess.



  1. A few years ago, I was told by an ex (who shall remain nameless), that I needed to learn how to cheer correctly during football games. Whatever I was doing was more along the lines of, “Oh! Oh dear. Oh nooo. Hmm.” I have since let my guard down a little, and learned some new colorful words, but I am glad to see the Bean will never be in that predicament. These are important skills for her to have later in life.

    1. I reckon she is just expressing the gene she inherited from my Dad that makes people yell at the TV and talk in movie theatres. (Though she was very good that time we took her to Brave.)

  2. Well I guess Eve deserves to choose her own football alliance. But with all this pony business I thought she would be more open to the Colts. 🙂

  3. I’m so proud of her! I just hope to God Trev doesn’t make her a Redskins Fan!
    I don’t talk in Movie theatres! I wisper…..

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