Everything’s A Negotiation

Part of the trouble with communication issues is frustration. Frustration for you, frustration for the kid. Every parent with a child learning to talk undoubtedly goes through this, but with a kid who’s delayed in speech but not cognitively (as appears to be the case with Bean; assessments are still ongoing), the problem gets magnified as the child’s wants become more sophisticated while their speech lags behind.

Case in point: here’s a discussion I had last night with Ladyface.



Bean: I want pretty boats.

Me: You want pretty boats? What do you mean?

Bean: Boats. I want to see boats, please.

Me: Boats in the bath?

Bean: No!

Me: What boats?

Bean: I want the seagulls. The dolphins.

Me: Do you want to watch Octonauts?

Bean: NO! I want the fishies! He is singing. He is swimming. Please!!

Me: Who is swimming?


Me: Oh, you want to watch The Little Mermaid.

Bean: (panting) Leeta Mermaid. Please.


I really hope we can get to a point where not every discussion goes like this one.




  1. She is so lucky to have such attentive, caring, patient, and VERBAL parents. You can expose her to so much vocabulary and come up with the “multiple choice” options as she develops at her pace. Kudos to you!

  2. Have patience my Sweet Sharon and Trevor.
    Maria B says it all… You can expose her to so much Vocabulary.
    With her memory she may be able to memorize the names of CD titles
    Make a game of it. Of course it will be frustrating at times! I’m proud of the way you two are accentuating the positive and seeking the best plan possible! Love-Dad-dy/Pops

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