It’s 3/3 And Someone’s 3 Today!

Happy birthday to the Bean. Another year has ticked by pretty quickly.

Earlier this week, Trev took Bean to a toy store to get a sense for what she’d want. We recently added the Toy Story movies to our collection, and passing by a Buzz Lightyear doll, Eve began to sing:

You godt a fwenn a me

You godt a fwenn a me

When you noad a nuffa hed

An my an my a nice warm bed

So that was the hint we needed. We got a Rex, and a rag-doll Woody, and a version of Memory that uses Toy Story characters in the pictures. Trev found a teeny weeny Buzz Lightyear, too, and there were also some puzzles, clothes, and a pair of shiny green sunglasses.

This morning started off with a large bowl of “Weektabeex” and raspberries, followed by the opening of presents. In addition to her new toybox pals there were some Peppa Pig goodies Uncle Dave sent. Auntie Steph and Uncle Simon contributed a lovely purple outfit and a little toy car that zooms about when you pull it. Eve was delighted with everything, pulling them out of the bag, announcing what they were, handing them to us “For to open, please.” There’s no denying good manners.

The big outing involved the Sea Life Centre in Brindley Place. We’ve been there twice before, but we thought she would really appreciate it this time. And she did! First, a rainbow augured well for our trip. Then we visited the fountains in Brindley Place, and then on to the Sea Life Centre, to visit the fishies and see if any of them wanted to come back for cake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, none of them liked chocolate cupcakes, although they wished us well. So just us and Rex and Buzz celebrated. That’s fine– more cake for the birthday girl. Thanks to everyone for your love and good wishes.

Here is to a happy, healthy fourth Year in Bean!



  1. 3/3 and turning 3!!! 🙂 3 and 9 are pretty much the most powerful numbers in the universe also!!!! HOW AMAZING! And why am I not surprised?! YAY EVE! She looks so beautiful so and just so incredibly happy! Glad to hear the day went so well!

  2. 3/3 and 3 and Toy Story 3! A Rainbow!
    What a joy!
    Special Grandmama package enroute!
    Hope to catch up with you tomorrow!
    Just beaming!

  3. Oh my goodness – she is really looking just like you as she gets older! Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl!
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

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