Name that Tune

[By Trev] As a renowned songbird and celebrated performing artiste I have often wowed the crowned heads of Europe with my popular repertoire. Such plucky tunes as, “My Washboard’s stuck on spin-cycle” and “Zeppelins over Rednal” caught the public imagination before Victoria took to the throne, and they’re but two of the many hundreds in my head; so how is it that after such a long career creeping the boards of the music halls, this small tune escapes me? What ditty is the Belle of South Birmingham trilling here?

Name that Tune

Gentle friends, I look to you for the answers that will restore my sleep and sanity; and God-willing keep the opium pipe from my trembling lips. God save the Queen!




  1. Yep. She speaks Evey language and sings Evey songs, but I’m sure she’ll translate for us when she’s good and ready…

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