I’m A Boy, I’m A Boy, But My Mom Won’t Admit It

This morning Trev, as a first act on his birthday, took our cat Tilly for the big fix. We starved her all last night and kept her locked inside (which she hated). Trev said she was very docile about getting into the carrier and very quiet in the car.


"They're taking off my WHAT now?"

About an hour after we dropped her off, the Vet called.

“I’m sorry, Mr Judson,” the Vet said, “We can’t spay your cat. Because she’s a boy.”

Ha ha, whoops. I had expressed uncertainties about Tilly’s sex when Trev first brought her– sorry, him–home  as a kitten, but Trev gave me some side-eye and insisted the painkillers I was on at the time were probably making me see things that weren’t there.

Turns out I did see things– they just won’t be there much longer.

A question for the Internet: what do we call this little boy when he comes home? We’ve thought of Billy, Telly, Timmy– none really feel right.  We know it will be difficult to get Bean to use the cat’s new name, so something similar to the old name is probably best.



  1. Hey, it happens to everyone. Especially if the kitten was quite young when sexed… and no one checks in the interim. I still remember the look on the young vet’s face when I brought in “Max.” The senior vet had to come in and explain the reason the testicles hadn’t dropped was because this is “Maxine.”

    As far as the name goes, involve Bean in the process and see what she says. It’s an excellent springboard for discussing gender roles, and cats pick up on their new names very quickly. Look at all the bizarre nicknames they take in their stride.

  2. Keep the name (the cat won’t care, but Bean will) and tell people it’s short for Tilford.

    We have an ex-feral female who’s so butch that the shelter doctor who spayed her wrote “neutered male” on her health card. Fortunately, Toby (Tovah) is sometimes used as a girl’s name over here!

  3. So funny…same thing happened to my Natasha…went to have her and Sebastian fixed…he neutered, her spayed….Vet called me and said…might need to rethink Natasha. She/he became Tisha…still a girl…even though a boy…but always acted kinda like a girl….don’t have to change the name….no biggy 🙂

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