Adventures in Evopomorphism

[by Trev] There are some mornings when Eve’s cereals talk to her and beg to be eaten, explaining that reclining in her spoon is the long hoped for goal of their existence. Since the first moment all the elements that they’re made from came together to assume the unlikely forms of wheaty parcels and semi-skimmed milk, it’s all they’ve ever dreamed of. “Please eat us, Eve!” They say, somehow speaking through my mouth with a high pitched voice. She finds this very funny. I blame myself.

Also, she quite often says “Hello red,” when chance has painted the car in front that way. Likewise trees, the sky, the rain and many other animate and inanimate objects receive personalised greetings that acknowledge the fact that as Eve sees them, she sees them looking back. Again, guilty as charged.

I’ve read that because of the Shinto faith Japanese people are down with this sort of thing, the idea that an object may contain a spirit, and it figures prominently in one or two of the excellent animations we’ve watched. (I wonder if that makes it harder for their best karate talents to punch through wooden boards? Maybe ‘Kyaa!’ means ‘Sorry, but this is gonna hurt?) Anyway, if we ever welcome a Japanese exchange student, I’m confident that Eve will make for an excellent host. She’ll be far too sensitive to ever make the grade as a carpenter, openly weeping as she saws through planks, but we can’t shield them from everything can we?

In the land of self-propelled meat that we call human society, Eve has graduated to the 3-6 year old group at Rhythm Time. While one or two kids looked shell-shocked at the older and noisier group, smaller room and louder teacher, Eve seemed perfectly happy to follow most of the directions to bang on drums, stand up, sit down and/or find her tummy. The other change was that parents take a seat round the edge of the room instead of sitting on the floor with our offspring. The eventual aim is to banish us to the hall while our confident kids make kid music and find their toes on command. Hopefully someone will start a grown up music group out there to keep us amused while we wait. I wonder if any of the mommies like Metal?



  1. My mind has been blown…… AMAZING post Trev! Thank you for sharing – how amazing that as parents you recognize the beauty in the way your daughter really see’s the world… We are connected to everything 🙂
    So great!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  2. More exciting than the Giants beating the Packers…well almost a most informative post with the wit I would expect of someone born on January19!
    Please don’t wait three more years to chime in!

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