Tomorrow Is Christmas! It’s Practically Here!

Well, actually here, Mr. Grinch, if you consider that I’m only getting around to writing this at 1:20 AM local time. Still, I don’t think it counts as Christmas until you’ve been to sleep. So: Merry Christmas Eve!

This is Eve’s third Christmas since departing from the mothership. I think she will finally “get” it this year, that this is a holiday, which explains why there are so many biscuits being made and presents in the house, and, oh yes– a tree!

Eve and the Christmas Tree

"It a tree! Look at the lights! Hello, lights!"

Today we set up the tree and put on the lights and decorated it. She was surprisingly adept at following our instructions: “Take that red heart and put it here, please.” She also enjoyed the praise she got so much that she spent the better part of the afternoon removing one ornament (a lacy star) over and over again to announce: “See? I put it onna tree. Yay!”

She also spent a significant part of the day peeking over the edges of the countertops.


Lemon- and Chocolate-Glazed Sophie Cookies (Thanks, Cousin Chris!)


For the neighbors: Chocolate chip, raspberry/pecan rugelach, peanut butter

We don’t have the magical covering of snow we did last year, but it was still chilly this morning when I jogged to the gym. The clouds cleared out by the time I walked back from the grocery store– surprisingly bare of people, but that was probably because there was nothing on the shelves.

I baked, Trev tidied, and Eve took her star on and off the tree. Later, T took the Bean to visit the ducks:


Also the geese and the seagulls.

Then she came home and put herself down for a nap while I was making dinner. We managed to have a video chat with the family out west, and then, after another viewing of the Grinch, she was off to bed at last.


O Christmas Bean, O Christmas Bean

This is probably the last time for the next ten years that she’ll go to bed that easily on Christmas Eve. And we’ll have a Β Bean-dictated list next year, rather than gifts that reflect our guesses about what she likes (thanks for the Waybuloo backpack, Anya!) the things we think she should have (fat crayons for wee fingers) and the things that reflect our ideas of her (yes, I bought her a tutu and ballet slippers).

I suppose I should be in bed enjoying it. I’ve had my fizz, I’ve watched Alastair Sim. I have very little to do in the morning before setting off. But still, it’s Christmas Eve, so I can’t sleep.

Enjoy your Christmas, if you keep it.

Hung by the chimney with blue-tack.



  1. Wow – how very magical πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments you have experienced and will continue to! Love you so very much and look forward to sharing a Christmas morning with you again someday πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ XOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXO

  2. Thanks for the Pictures!
    Your tree looks lovely! Very PA looking… Picture of goodies ummm!
    Good thing I had my cheesecake for breakkfast this morning.
    Mt Airy lodge thas a trail system that lets one do a nice 1-3 hour hike touring Mt Sofia (Behind Holiday Glen) 1281ft high.
    We hiked with Johnson and another freind couple had dinner and watched The Two Towers! Our neighbors at “Antlers” woke us up at 11:45pm to remind us to come over to ring in the New Year…what fun! All we had to do was dance!

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