Stealth Vegetables

Note to parents.  Children who turn up their noses at green things are easily fooled by…


Mmmm, Fritatta

…plenty of bacon, cheese, and eggs. I had one slice of the fritatta pictured here. Her Beaniness ate the other three (Daddy was at class).  While she delights in peas and very precisely cooked broccoli (firm, but not too firm, light salt, minimal stem included, steamed and not boiled, preferably from fresh and not frozen broccoli), she can’t abide spinach. And I can’t be bothered to steam broccoli every other night.

chlorophyll play power

Chlorophyll play power ACTIVATE!

So subterfuge works best: chop up the greens and add them to pizza sauce, or hide them in among the taco meat, or in a soup that’s blended to a uniform texture.  Until she starts doing chemical analysis, I think I am safe.



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