No, we don’t have a rodent problem (although I am taking a medication that is also used as a rat poison).

I’m cross because I’ve just spent 90 minutes writing not one, but TWO posts and WordPress ate them. Argh.  One was a general news post and the other was a special edition of “Ask The Baby” focusing on deep-vein thrombosis.

But alas. They have been obliterated by the Intertubes.

So to tide you over, here’s a couple of sketches I did on the back of a receipt I found in the car today while waiting for Trev outside the pharmacy:

A fast food receipt, if you must know.

The pencil was dull, and her expression in the bottom one is a leeetle bit scary due to the teeth, but not bad considering she was all hyper and stuff.

The proportions are more or less right, it’s recognizably her, and I learned something about the size of her irises relative to the rest of her eye. Still having a tough time with the eyelashes, though.

More soon.


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