A Drawing

I started taking a life drawing class yesterday. You know, the class where a random stranger gets naked and sits in the middle of the room and everyone draws him? It was very relaxing. I haven’t done much drawing in the last few years. It’s like rediscovering a limb.

Our first session was all about lines, just getting the basic shapes and edges in like, say, David Hockney. No tone or anything like that. Our model was a fairly nondescript middle-aged fellow, and the tutor was pleased with my portrait of his face. When I showed Trev after class he said, “Oh, I recognize him, I just saw him going down the stairs,” and described what the man was wearing. So that first exercise was a success.

There was also a re-cap of how to measure and observe and get the proportions of a subject correct. This was immediately useful to me because I have always struggled with getting the proportions of children right.

Later in the afternoon I did a kind of long-form doodle on a torn piece of cheap newsprint .

Eve with the red balloonThis is pencil that I edged in and colored with some Sharpie pens Kate Bromley sent me. Bean was watching a movie while holding her balloon, and stood still long enough for me to get her body in before she got excited about something and started flapping her arms around.  Her feet end at what was the ragged edge of the paper.

I used Photoshop to color her hair and eliminate the wrinkles and erasures and stains and things on the actual paper. As you can see, I got bored with the floral pattern in the dress, which isn’t really well-observed. However, I’m pleased: it looks like Eve, even to Eve herself. She came over and looked while I was working on it. “It a Eve!” she announced. “It a pitcher!”

It is! And not terrible, either. If I make more of her or Trev or the cats worth showing, I’ll post them.



  1. You just simply never cease to amaze me with your talents. You are an AMAZING artist in SO many ways! Stand up a little straigher and feel mighty proud of that “doodle” of Eve…. so many people could never come close to a image like that!

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