Why Mom Calls Him “Treasure”

So far today the hubster has:

  • Fed, washed and dressed the Bean
  • Taken her for a walk
  • Washed and dried the bed linens and two other loads of laundry
  • Made me coffee, eggs for breakfast and vegetable juice
  • Made small repairs to the car’s exhaust
  • Done the dishes
  • Started making chicken cacciatore
He will probably also vacuum later and feed the cat, serve dinner, etc. All while amusing the kidlet. Yesterday he also built me a ramp to help me get from the kitchen to the office. He’s such a star. 


  1. And the fact that you recognize and love the treasures in your life makes you a gift to them as well. Your sweet, wonderful family is a triad of perfect love!

  2. You”ll be moving around soon enough. You chose well!!!
    It helps your mom not worry about you at all!
    Love your posts!
    Maybe this extra time was given to you for a reason….
    follow up on those publishing leads and get an agent!!!
    Can’t help myself !

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