Bad Idea

We’ve been trying to get the Bean to sleep easier with a little routine lately. About 7:30, we turn on some gentle music, have some cocoa, wash and brush teeth, read four or five stories, then head to bed. So far, it’s been working well.


But we have a backup plan if it fails.

Last night, however, I sat down with Bean at the computer, and instead of watching Muppet videos or looking at pictures of adorable critters, we watched this:

And this:

And, worst of all, this:

You can imagine the bouncing and jumping and twisting that went on for the next twenty minutes. She was running up and down the living room, and every now and then she’d stop and “stick the landing”.

I liked to imagine being a ballerina or a gymnast when I was little (ok, I still do), but given that Bean will probably hit 5’7″ by the time she’s 13, I should manage expectations and show her high-jumping or swimming videos.

I’ll get right on that, right after we watch this again:

Chokes me up every darn time.


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