A Note On Our Traffic

When I log into this site to write posts, WordPress shows me a lot of neato data about the site’s traffic. How many visitors we get, where they’re coming from, whether they click on links I embed, which pictures get downloaded.

On average, we get about 20 visitors a day, double that when I post a new post. This isn’t many, when you consider how many blogs get many thousands of people a day checking them out: Regretsy, Passive-Aggressive Notes, etc. But I don’t mind, because I’m not trying to be a famous blogger lady. It just happens that this is the easiest way to share info about my kid with my extended family.

But there is one post that brings outside visitors to the page every single day– usually only four or five, but enough that I know it’s going to be on the list of “most active posts”. It’s this one.

Yes, that’s right: “Differentiate Your Divas: GooGoo Vs. GaGa” draws the most visitors to this site. Popular search terms bringing viewers to this post seem to be:

  • gamine haircut
  • pixie haircut
  • gamine style haircut
  • carey mulligan haircut
Sorry that the Bean’s no longer sporting her pixie ‘do, haircut inspiration-seekers. It’s more of a Louise Brooks bob nowadays.

One comment

  1. Ha, you totally ROCK!! That post is now going to make you famous… just watch. Please use a part of the millions you earn to purchase a vacation home in Paradise, PA. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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