Tolerable Twos

We’ve had a few toys thrown, and some good old-fashioned kicking-and-screaming type tantrums, but six weeks into the dreaded “terrible twos”, we’re not finding much evidence of terror. Maybe we are just mellow people with a reasonably mellow kid. Or maybe we don’t feed her enough, I don’t know.

Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow

Anyway, she’s very happy. She’s all about the little sentences lately: “I givin’ Daddy hugs”, “Goin’ to get a cat,” “Eatin’ yogoot”, and so on. She has also started to sing. For the last week her flick of choice has been The Sound Of Music¬†(set on the “songs only” mode, so she doesn’t try to practice goose-stepping and saluting like the Nazis do). Last night she tried belting out “Eyyy-do-vyyyyyyy”.

She also likes “So Long, Farewell”, particularly the drawn out “Good-byeeeeeeeeeeeees” at the end. She’s working out “Do-Re-Mi”, too, but she gets too excited by the shot of Julie and the kids on the bicycles and starts yelling “BUCKABUCKA!!”

Speaking of “Do-Re-Mi”, this was a great stunt:

Those are some confused Belgians right there. And of course, they turned it into a techno mix at the end.

Do mi mi, mi so do

Anyway, Bean. She’s two, she’s lovely, and she’s tone-deaf. That’s about as terrible as it gets.



  1. I am soooooo weird….tears running down my face after watching the Julie Andrews disco bit….just thrilled me to tears, literally.
    (not to mention the beautiful mental images of Eve and her Ma & Pa created by your narrative)
    Great way to start the Day
    Thanks sew much

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