Tolerable Twos

We’ve had a few toys thrown, and some good old-fashioned kicking-and-screaming type tantrums, but six weeks into the dreaded “terrible twos”, we’re not finding much evidence of terror. Maybe we are just mellow people with a reasonably mellow kid. Or maybe we don’t feed her enough, I don’t know.

Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow

Anyway, she’s very happy. She’s all about the little sentences lately: “I givin’ Daddy hugs”, “Goin’ to get a cat,” “Eatin’ yogoot”, and so on. She has also started to sing. For the last week her flick of choice has been The Sound Of Music (set on the “songs only” mode, so she doesn’t try to practice goose-stepping and saluting like the Nazis do). Last night she tried belting out “Eyyy-do-vyyyyyyy”.

She also likes “So Long, Farewell”, particularly the drawn out “Good-byeeeeeeeeeeeees” at the end. She’s working out “Do-Re-Mi”, too, but she gets too excited by the shot of Julie and the kids on the bicycles and starts yelling “BUCKABUCKA!!”

Speaking of “Do-Re-Mi”, this was a great stunt:

Those are some confused Belgians right there. And of course, they turned it into a techno mix at the end.

Do mi mi, mi so do

Anyway, Bean. She’s two, she’s lovely, and she’s tone-deaf. That’s about as terrible as it gets.



  1. I am soooooo weird….tears running down my face after watching the Julie Andrews disco bit….just thrilled me to tears, literally.
    (not to mention the beautiful mental images of Eve and her Ma & Pa created by your narrative)
    Great way to start the Day
    Thanks sew much

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