There’s An Echo In Here

Speaking and proto-reading continues apace. The kidlet is moving from Old Beanish into New Beanish– one of the main indicators is the use of “bizzit” instead of “gock” for “biscuit”. Also, our cat Zeno is now “Zee-sho” instead of “Shee-shu”. And when she reads letters off books, packages, and the keyboard, she sometimes makes the sound instead of saying their names (“Guh” instead of “G”, etc.).



There’s a fun pattern we’ve noticed: she sort of “sketches in” words with an all-purpose placeholder. “Elephant” is “Eh-da-da-da.” Balloon, “Ba-da-da-da”. Water, “Wah-da-da-da.”

And she’s now at the point where she repeats the last two words of whatever you say. Which can be good or bad:

  • Mum: How about a nice hot bath?
  • Bean: Hodt baff!

"Washeen coves." "Yes, we'll wash your clothes, dear."

  • Trev: Mmm, noodles.
  • Bean: Nnnnnnnnoodahs!


  • Mum: Where did I put my keys?
  • Bean: Putta keeeees.


  • Trev: (drops glass) [Excrement!]
  • Bean: [Excrement!]


  1. I remember those days. They’re precious.

    And it’s a great way to curb one’s cursing. I remember Rebecca asking while we were in the car, “Why you say dannit Mommy?” after getting cut off by a slow driver…

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