Her ladyship’s big birthday gift was a bicycle. She loves it. Now that it’s milder weather (over here in Old England, anyway– sorry, New England— the groundhog lied), we’ve been taking her out on it in the garden or on the sidewalk right outside our house.

buckabye 1

Get yer bucka running

She sort of kind of understands that she has to put her feet on the pedals. She doesn’t get that you have to push on them, though. If one of us rolls her along the path, she lets her feet drag, and we have to watch to make sure she doesn’t get her legs stuck between the pedal and the crossbars.


Head out on the sidewalk

She has just worked out that the bike is steerable, though, which leads to some unexpected swerving as you’re pushing her along. Fortunately, she doesn’t go any faster than a walk at the moment. And yes, she’s getting a helmet. We like that wee head intact as much as the next person!


Get the world in a love embrace



    1. Dad, it’s something her Grandma J. bought her. Grandma J.’s fashion tastes run towards reds and animal prints.

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