Exciting New Developments At Baby Labs!

After two years providing unparalleled thing-classification services to our clients, Baby Labs, Inc. is pleased to announce new developments to our unique proprietary wetware! In addition to fully-articulated manipulation probes, multi-terrain roaming, and instantaneous voice feedback, the TEE-HEE Unit is now in the first stages of developing algorithms that allow it to decrypt codes!

baby in a box

The TEE-HEE Unit Deploys In The Field, December 2010

While this technology is still in its infancy, it is developing rapidly. In a matter of weeks, the TEE-HEE unit has moved from staring blankly when shown individual letters to recognizing them on keyboards, packages, book spines, and signage of all types, and is taking its first stab at deciphering basic phonemes at the beginnings of words.  If current progress continues, Baby Labs’s TEE-HEE technology will be “reading” by year three!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from… Baby Labs!



  1. “Warning to avoid suffocation keep this and all plastic bags out of reach of small children.” Sharon Merli age 4 1/2 reading this on the way home from grocery store. Began reading us the Pocono Record every morning after that….Takes after Theresa!

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