So as you may have gathered from the Baby Labs post, Eve is recognizing letters and reading them out when we go places. She startled me by shouting “DUBBADUBBA!” when we were shopping for conditioner the other day– she’d spotted a “W” at the end of the word “NEW!” on a sign.

Earlier this evening, I had Eve on my lap while I was editing photos on the computer for the zoo post. She was playing with a string of beads.

“Ayyyy,” she said.
“Uh huh,” I replied, absently.
“Ayyy. Ess. Dee. Hefff. Gee…”
Oh my, I thought.
She continued reading the second line of the keyboard, until she got to the colon/semicolon key. She flapped her arms, frustrated. Then brightened. “Doopa!” she called it, and then moved on to the row beginning with “Q”.



  1. i got cut off…
    What I started to say was that you should get used to it….the surprises!!!
    When you were about 2 and a 1/2 you were sitting on my lap in Belmar at the dining room table while I was reviewing various floor plans… as you would point to various words I would read them to you… living room…garage… dining room… patio…
    I was only 29 years old and I got tired of responding… you pointed to a word on the plans and I wearily said, “I don’t know…you tell me… and you said……………… Patio! …which was correct.
    the rest, as they say…is History
    Have mucho FUN

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