Sweet Screams

The last few nights have been a little… fraught. Bean has taken to shrieking several times a night as if she’s being stabbed. When we go in to check on her, she’s fast asleep. Not too warm, not too cold, not lying in an awkward position or under a cat. It is both unnerving to realize she is having scary dreams and really, really annoying to have broken sleep again.

Let me tell you about my dream!

Fortunately, this is something I can blame squarely on one person: my husband. When he was younger, T would shout in his sleep and also sleepwalk. One night he pulled a bookshelf down on himself, waking up the entire household. So even though he is much more, uh, sedate nowadays (the occasional muttered sentence or really energetic hypnic jerk is as bad as it gets), this particular strain of weird comes directly from him, and not me.*

But what’s Bean dreaming about? A few guesses:

  • The cats are ignoring her
  • Worldwide cookie and/or raspberry famine
  • Cat has eaten the last cookie and/or raspberry
  • There is a hot bath in front of her that she can’t climb into
  • Nobody will snuggle her 😦

*If you have evidence to the contrary, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Please, just let me have this one thing.



  1. I don’t remember you having any episodes with bad dreams. You were more inclined to waking up and either rocking your crib across the room ( causing me to take off the wheels) or getting out of your crib and riding your rocking horse. I can still hear the the sound of the springs!
    Your brother, however, did go through a tough period with nightmares… definitely not a genetic disorder that could show up in Eve…reason is not fit for print… hahahaha!

  2. THE GUNKIN !!!! I still have nightmares, but they’re more like scary movies. I love them, if that’s not too weird :o)

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