Bean’s Top 5 Toys

As of January 2011, here are the top 5 toys according to Bean:

5. The Laundry Basket. It’s plastic. It’s green. It’s low enough to crawl into, and high enough to seem private. Want to look at books in a high-traffic zone of the house without losing that secluded feeling? This is the toy for you.

4. The Metronome.  It’s this, like, thing, that goes click click click when you push this doohickey on it. And you can slide this other thing that makes it go click click click faster or slower! And sometimes Mum sings when you get it going!

3. Mum’s Necklaces. They hang from Mum’s work lamp at her desk. And they’re sparkly, and you can swing them or hold the stones up to your eyes. Shiny! Swingy! Fun!

2. Pens. The cap goes on. The cap comes off. The pointy bit makes marks on just about anything. Need we say more?

1. Cats. There are two of them. They drool and meow and sleep on stuff, and they are furry and will purr if you sit quietly next to them, and run away if you sit not-so-quietly next to them. If you don’t feel compelled to squeal “CAT!!!!” when they come in the room, then you’re just not living.



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