Beanish: Do You Speak It?


"Hessa ball!"

Are you down with the kids? Hip to the youth? I mean, the extreme youth? Test your relative geezer-hood with this quiz on the heppest jive talk going, the proto-language called Beanish. It’s, like totally solid gone or something, baby!


  1. “Oh gots.”
  2. “Deh-daaaaaaa.”
  3. “Beckabocka!”
  4. “Chuss.”
  5. “Gots a sepp.”
  6. “Deh-DAH!”
  7. “Keppacoppa hessa fly-fly!”
  8. “Weemsa bahbeh!”
  9. “Bet kidduh! Nottah kidduh!”


  • a. “Bad cat! Naughty cat!”
  • b. “Father! Attend more closely to what I am saying!”
  • c. “[I would like some] Juice.”
  • d. “Please, may I have that?”
  • e. “I should like to point out to you that William is an infant.”
  • f. “And then the caterpillar became a butterfly.”
  • g. “I do believe this is yours.”
  • h. “It’s time to retire to bed.”
  • i. “I say, it’s a bicycle!”

Answers below the jump. No peeking!


  1. d
  2. g
  3. i
  4. c
  5. h
  6. b
  7. f
  8. e
  9. a


  1. As always, a great post! These will be so fun to read again in a few years! The Bean is so lucky to have writers for parents – you’re much better at documenting her childhood than the rest of us. Enjoy! She’s a treasure!!

    1. Maria, thanks so much for your lovely comment (and for reading).

      Steph, E was in a complete strop tonight about being put to bed until I waved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at her. She stopped screaming immediately and said “Kappacoppa!”

  2. As the engineer in the family, I am proud to report a 100% on your quiz. I couldn’t help myself :o) Glad I will be able to talk with Little Bean next time I see her!

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