Happy 2011! Did you party as hard as this lady here?

red dress

Cookie hangover.

On New Year’s Eve morning I gave the Bean her “British baptism”– her first cup of tea (mint, not caffienated). That night, she had another unexpected baptism. She was hanging out underfoot at the highly enjoyable house party we attended when someone knocked a glass of beer off a counter in the act of cleaning a cabinet.  Some of it splashed on her.

Continuing in this vein, while leaving a shop this afternoon, we went down a step with the stroller, and when it went bump a cup of (cold) coffee went flying and drenched the poor kid.

On the upside, she likes baths, and this was an excuse to have more of them.

Eve, dancing with an Elvis Costello-alike

In retaliation for this repeated dousing, the Bean later spilled orange juice and yogurt all over Dad’s laptop.  This killed the keyboard, but after a quick trip to the shop to buy a USB keyboard, Dad is back to killing zombies doing important statistical analysis about, um, stuff.



  • To avoid having things spilled on her
  • Not to drink the bathwater
  • To sit in as many empty boxes as possible
  • To figure out how to open the safety gates
  • To eat any and all cookies that cross her path
  • To keep being very pleasant and lovely

Mine is to write here more often. I won’t commit to a schedule or a number of posts. It would be hard to do much worse, though.



One comment

  1. Just now catching up on personal email…I didn’t watch that much football over the Holidays either..Realy!
    What a lovely dress…dancing and cookies..sounds like someone else I know!

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