It came and went so quickly, but it was lovely. Here are some photos.

O xmas tree

Christmas morning.

Some blurry photos, I should add. Apologies.


Decorating gingerbread is very relaxing.

And, of course, someone got herself some presents. She still isn’t all that sure about the entire “present” process. We wound up having to open them for her. For once, she was more interested in the toys than in the packaging.

Here she is stealing a march on Nigella Lawson— cooking in her party dress:

more butter please


And again:


Cooking with toothbrushes!

It was a delicious pre-Christmas lunch snack, if a bit hard on the teeth. We spent the rest of the day– bright, cold, with a gleaming moon and stars after sunset– gathered around a table in a Lichfield pub. The meal was fantastic and both Bean and William were pleasant the entire time.

There are some pictures of that, but I want to ask the parties involved for permission before I post them. Bean also has the Wheelybug. Trev went rogue in the end and bought the ladybug instead of the tiger, as planned. He took some video of it. I will get on his case about transferring that to YouTube so I can post it later.

For now: we hope you had a Merry Christmas!


From us to you.



  1. love the stockings and the one of bean cooking with toothbrushes! send me any pics of us please and i’ll pass them for publication. x

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