Actually, we’ll call it SNOWPOCALYPSE NOW, because apparently the entire island has ground to a standstill. There is about 10″ on the ground in our part of Birmingham, and you’d think there had been a meteor strike the way people are behaving in the shops. It doesn’t help that the council doesn’t have resources to plow or even salt our roads– every morning at commute time this week we expect to hear a lot of sliding and grinding noises from the street.

However, we both work from home! And apart from having to make sure the cat door is de-iced on a regular basis, the snow for us is just pretty:

o tannenbaum

Some cold magpies out there this morning.

Also, as you should know by now, there is a full moon on the winter solstice this year. AND there will also be a lunar eclipse, which you in North America can see after midnight. We Europeans will be able to see it before sunrise, which means about 8:45 AM around here. This is all very nice, adding an extra sparkle to the solstice observation for those of us who can’t get to Stonehenge or Newgrange for the big day.

I was able to witness a dress rehearsal for this exciting event shortly before 4 PM this evening.

When you are the moon

"Waxing gibbous" is one of my favorite phrases.

Here’s a shot I took half an hour later:


4:21 and dark. I couldn't hack it in Alaska.

No shots of Bean in the snow just yet. She’s been feeling sick, and we don’t want her going out until she’s better.



  1. Glad you’re enjoying it all. You have much more than we do here. Hope Eve is feeling OK soon…I had a 24 hr nausea thing on Friday…ok now though. x

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