Christmas is Coming

And so are more posts, honest. I’ve had a busy October (going to Chicago), a nice November (Aunt Cathy came to visit!), and now it’s December and we’re all barking from chest colds.

However, I am thinking about Christmas. It’s nice to have someone small to buy toys for. I had seen these Wheelybug things while Bean was still baking, and they are still just as adorable now as they were in 2008.


The question is: Which one do I buy? There’s a ladybug, a bee, a cow, a tiger, and a mouse.

Cuteness, £50 a pop.

I posed this question to my Facebook pals. A debate ensued, and factions developed largely along pro-tiger or pro-mouse lines. The men, predictably, preferred tigers, ladies the mice. The intrepid J. Wright even provided personal testimony to the effect that Wheelybugs are, in fact “super cute and fun”:

One point for the ladybug.

That’s the happiest-looking IT professional/boxer/children’s toy tester I know.

But the debate came to a draw, so I’m appealing to readers of the blog: which Wheelybug would you pick for our Bean?




  1. I choose the bee or ladybug. Little girls as busy as bees. But the book Ladybug Girl is a favorite with our girls, so I also like the ladybug.
    Another consideration – will it match your furniture and wall? Decor is so important…

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