“Talking In Scribble”


Hey! I have important things to tell you!

When the Bean meets dogs in the park, we generally meet their humans. Trev was out one day and had a conversation with a gentleman who described toddler verbalizations quite well: they “talk in scribble”, he said. There’s nuance, there’s emotion, there’s a desire to connect– but just as with a child’s drawing, you have to sort of squint to get the meaning.

The Bean is very, very verbal, and has been since her earliest days. Lately, it has taken on the cadences of normal speech, and is stretching into lengths that rival anything spoken at the Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Seriously. The kid can go on and on and on.

But, in the same way that a child’s dots and squiggles evolve into faces with arms and legs sticking out of them, and then into simple figures, we are getting more and more identifiable words and phrases from her. The other day we took her to visit with the ducks at a local pond, and she said to Trev, “Dada, see ducks?”  When I asked her the other day if she wanted something to eat, she said, “Ooooh, wow, yes!” If she climbs onto a chair and we tell her to sit down, she yells it right back at us, in the same tones: “Sit DOWN!”

So far, my favorite was last Saturday, when we went shopping at the Bullring in town. Trev and Eve waited outside while I ducked inside to use the ATM, and when I came out, he had her on his shoulders so she could see everyone going to and from the Market.

“Do you know what she said when I put her up here?” he asked. “She said, ‘hat!'”

[note: there was supposed to be a video here. YouTube is fist-fighting me. Will try to upload again tomorrow.]


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