Good Girl

Eve Abigail Ann is a good girl, and will let you know it regularly. You will hear her sing it out– “Goo-girrrrrr!” on many occasions, e.g.:


So good, we had to lock her up.

  • When she’s unrolled the toilet paper
  • When she’s manhandling a cat
  • When she’s gotten into the spice drawer and is slurping on a cinnamon stick
  • When she’s wriggled out of her nappy and is running bare-bottomed around the house
  • When she’s splashed all the water out of the bath and onto the floor
  • When she’s fallen down, has skinned her knee, and is crying
  • When you lie her down to sleep at night


    1. Thanks, Dad. Sorry you won’t get to see her next week. You’ll have to make do with the consolation prize: me. 😉

  1. Oh, she is so cute. Her eyes are so big and gorgeous. (Yeah, I remember when my nieces were small like that and did things that you wanted to scold them for but then you relented because… they were so cute.)

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