Here’s Good

We try to run a tight ship around here.

Actually, I’ll re-phrase that (because I can hear you laughing): we try to provide a reasonable amount of order and discipline around here. It can be tough when you’re both working from home to keep a kid constantly amused and cared for throughout the day. But there’s a general rhythm to the way things work around here, and a general list of things that we consider necessary (at least one outing, some time spent grooming, at least one book read to her, at least two servings of fruit and two of vegetables consumed).

There is no longer, however, an orderly naptime ritual. This is because, as her Beaniness has crossed the halfway point between 1 and 2 years old, she has naturally become less inclined to nap. It used to be like clockwork: 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, for an hour a shot. Now it could happen anytime after 11, and last for up to three hours. We got tired of all the mixed signals– going through the preparation of a drink, a blanket, a board book, only to find that no, the kid was going to have a second or third wind and keep moving for another hour.

So when she winds down, we’re inclined to let her sleep where she stops. Viz:


Smack in the middle of the living room.

There’s also the fact that she’s getting kind of heavy. Don’t roll your eyes: you know and I know that just because Mum and Dad routinely swing around 25kg weights doesn’t mean that wrangling a wriggly 11kg toddler isn’t challenging.

Those of you who knew my sister Cathy as a toddler are most likely aware that she had a super-power previously known only in cats: when asleep, she was somehow 400 times heavier than when awake. Whether this was achieved through manipulating her personal gravity or the actual density of her own matter is unclear. Either way, the Bean inherited this terrible power.

So if she falls asleep in front of the doorway to the kitchen, we throw a blanket over her and let her lie.


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