So Many Apologies


Too much fun. (Picture by Joan)

Sorry! It’s been more than a month since we came back from our trip to the US, and I haven’t been up to blogging much. Like everyone else, we’re in a summer slump. There’s been work to catch up on, mileage to pile on (I am getting ready for the Chicago Marathon again), house improvements to be done, along with gardening and creative writing that needs my attention.

OK, so not so much a “slump” as “insanely busy”.

Here are two more pictures Joanie took while we were in the USA.

you gonna finish that?

Are you gonna finish that?

There were too many lovely moments on that trip. Bean getting acquainted with her Texan cousins– playing with Neil on the beach, whacking Hunter and Alex with pillows– and demolishing her Dad’s ice-cream cone. Saying “Woooow!” upon seeing the ocean for the first time. Pointing to the swings and asking “Wide?”. Going bonkers at the sight of Uncle Dave and her Grandpop.

uncle davey

"And next time I'll teach you how to start fires!"

She’s been busy since then: more words, more teeth, more skill with a fork.

More soon, I swear. Again, sorry for not posting.



  1. We understand!
    The Merli men made it back….quite an adventure!
    still recovering physically….mentally just totally invigorated!

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