It’s a pretty short season in Britain, so it’s important to grab it with both hands while you can. A beautiful day here. I ran 10k in the hills this morning, and Trev took Bean  into the park to see “goggies” and walk around on the grass.

This evening, I have been weeding, while Bean dreams of gridiron glory:

half pint half back

That is not a regulation uniform, ma'am.

Meanwhile, I’ve been drying our bed linens on the line and have laid them over the lavender and rosemary hedges for a little extra something. I’ve also had moral support from Zeno:

lawn inspector

Lawn quality inspector, Feline division

And, I confess, some of what I believe is called “Dutch courage” (what? Cup holders are a perfectly fine feature for a stroller).

luxury features

Don't judge me.



  1. Awesome commantary here my dearest, and the pictures are so perfect! I love them. You are amazing, and little Eve is so freaking precious I think I think I’m starting to feel nauseaus. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you and Trev and Eve in only a couple weeks!!!!

  2. The picture of Zeno and Bean could be in National Geo or Time. It just oozes summertime. Like Granmum would say; “we are in the garden”, and you are, literally and figuratively :o) I like the cup holder too :o)

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