Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be?

This afternoon, after the noise of an airplane became too much for her, Eve came in from the garden, muttering. She crawled through the kitchen, walked through the living room, and lay down on the couch. “Muk,” she said, signing for “milk”.  I brought her a bottle, and she lay there drinking it, examining the ear of her toy fox, until she dozed off.

watching daddy wash the car

Watching Papa wash the car.

Once she had been down for about fifteen minutes, I got up and looked at her sleeping. She was wearing trousers and socks and shoes, and a hooded cardigan. She looked like any of the kids who clamber all over the equipment at the playground in the country park; she’s just a bit shorter. The Bean is not a baby any more. We’ve got a toddler on our hands.


Watching other kids at the park

I realize that being a parent is going to involve a continuous series of these kinds of revelations. I also realize that she’s still very little, and that her getting older means there are a lot more fun things we can do with her. But still: It’s gone away faster than spring. Only spring comes back every year.


Cherry blossoms in Cofton Park, late April



  1. Ahhh, yes, the realization that they indeed, have to grow up. Sometimes you wish they’d just hurry up and then all of a sudden, they do.

    While at the kinder program for Ty just the other day, the principal made the most important statement that “when we are annoyed by all the talking and noise, remember that before we know it, the house will be silent so enjoy the ruckus while we can.”

    I wasn’t crying after that, it was allergies!! xoxo.

  2. Ahhh.. Perspective…. a great teacher
    Sounds like you enjoyed every second of it…that’s what matters!
    27 days and counting!

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