Someone Isn’t Feeling Very Well

The invalid with Murdoch

The Invalid, with friend Murdoch

We were wakened this morning by the sound of Eve vomiting. Amazing how that makes you focus.

We got the Bean cleaned up and took her downstairs. She seemed all right, other than the puking thing– was playing and bip-bopping to music. After an attempt to give her toast went wrong, though, she became increasingly fractious and listless. We passed her back and forth for snuggles and wiping (when necessary). T and I both had to change clothes once.

It is a bright, sunny day, but when I took her outside, she had no interest in anything. I showed her a Muppet video, and she cried. I took an axillary temperature, which was elevated, but not feverish.  She had a nap, during which I tried to work but was really only able to read parenting sites about fevers and rehydration. When she woke up, she vomited up the water T tried to give her, and her temp had climbed over 100.

So off to the doctor’s it was (at 4 pm; they took her right away. Thanks, NHS!), where the lovely pediatrician confirmed our thoughts: it’s a nasty old stomach bug. Now, when I have a stomach bug, I buy some ginger ale and keep a bucket handy and try not to complain. When Bean (or T!) gets a stomach bug, I get all pouty and want to fix it for them.

Whenever I was in this state as a kid, Mom would say “I wish I could take it all away from you.” I know how that feels now, Mom! Though we are very lucky as this is the first time, other than the odd sniffle, that there’s been anything to fix.

Sleep seems to be fixing it right now. It’s her normal bedtime; she’s dozing on the couch nearby with her cuddly fox, Murdoch. Poor kitten. It’s not easy being a sick baby.


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