This time next year, the Bean will be telling us what she thinks. Well, she already does, but we don’t speak baby, so we don’t get it. It is pretty funny to wake up in the morning to “DAH! DehDAH!” and then a stream of highly expressive, completely inarticulate babble.

Usually the upshot of this is that she needs her nappy changed, and would like some toast. And there’s always something funny, too: this kid chuckles a lot at seemingly nothing. I suppose the family habit of telling oneself jokes is already firmly in place.

Watching her face as she points to different things and natters on about them, however, tells me she is already wanting to describe things around her– sunbeams, cats, clouds. Also dogs. She gets all worked up when she sees a dog. We were up Great Malvern over the weekend, and when a little spaniel zipped by us, Bean nearly threw herself out of the sling trying to follow it.

“DEH! Uh DEH DEH!” she shrieked. “Wowf wowf wowf! Heh!”

Yes, she says “Wowf wowf wowf” when she sees a dog. Or the Finger Dog, as in this video:

I actually think that will be her first full sentence: “I want a dog.”

Hopefully she has the decency to call me “Mummy” when she makes that demand. Half the time I’m still “Deh”.


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