She May Look Like Aunt Cathy…

… but she sure doesn’t act like her.

So Cathy, my sister, is five years my junior. When she was of the toddling age and I was of the “playing with Barbies” age, I once got her to stop messing with my toys by setting her on the couch and parking the vacuum cleaner in front of it and switching it on. Cathy HATED the vacuum cleaner. She stayed there wailing and crying until I was finished arranging my toys in their appointed places.

Apparently this tactic is still effective, as Mr. Cathy reports using it to get her to finish running tests at the lab.

The Bean LOVES the vacuum cleaner. And the hair dryer, and fans, and anything else that goes WHIRRR and blows air at you. See for yourself:



  1. Just watched the video 3 times.
    If I was unable to type…I’d be… dare I say… speechless?
    Some politician
    Speechless with awe in Swiftwater

  2. Finally catching up on watching…
    Cathy would have been stuck to the ceiling like Sylvester the Cat!

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