The Week In Bean: Week 52

I know it’s still raw in the Northeastern US, but the weather on the island this week has turned towards more light and warmth at last. Over the weekend we celebrated the birthdays of Eve’s paternal grandparents (both 70) and were pleased to be able to share with them lovely photos taken by a professional photographer Simon knew of. For instance, this one:

the family

Good Lord, I need a haircut.

Photos of the Family Foz were taken as well, but some retouching was required, viz.:


Look at the resemblance!

Isn’t William growing up fast?

Naturally, the highlight of this week is Eve’s first birthday. The Bean has successfully revolved around the Earth once. She won’t remember today, and she didn’t understand what all the fuss was about at dinner time, but it has been a day of treats.

At 7 am, the postman delivered a box from Aunt Joan and Cathy and a box from Coach and the Commish. When I opened the latter box, an enormous helium balloon rose out of it into the room. There were lovely clothes in Joan’s box, which should get us through to the summer when we plan to visit. Uncle Dave called, and so did the Commish, who had to keep our reminiscing short just in case she started to cry before some lawyers came to meet with her. (To paraphrase Tom Hanks: “There’s no crying in local government!”)

We had cards from Great-Uncle Mike and Netty next door, and then I busted out the gift I’ve been dying to give her: the toy piano.

one full octave


I have never seen her so excited about a toy. She squealed, she smiled, she banged on it, she poked it and executed a pretty solid glissando. I sat with her for a bit and imitated anything she did to it, then went into the kitchen to make cupcakes. She played for a solid fifteen minutes. I believe that’s equivalent to about three hours in grownup time.

Steph and William joined us for dinner.  They were treated to an impromptu concert by Ms. Ladyface, and then: cup cake carnage.


Vegan dark chocolate with (un-vegan) raspberry cream cheese icing.

From a developmental standpoint I would say this pre-toddler is self-feeding appropriately.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.



  1. Love and hugs to her and you guys for making it through the first of many triumphs, firsts and moments you just want to sit and be in awe of her!! Can’t wait to give her the new LONGHORN wear for the summer….sorry, Coach, has to happen!! 🙂

  2. Not to be a pain, but I assume you mean Bean has successfully revolved around the Sun once, not the Earth. I did sit here for a minute picturing her revolving around the Earth, and it became quite an involved daydream involving one of those little bubble space helmets and rocket propulsion.
    Anyway…. happy birthday to the Beanlet! I wish I could have sent something but am on financial lockdown (no unemployment for a month now). I will save my pennies for a surprise mid-summer.
    Miss you all!

  3. Deja Vu all over again…feels like I’m looking at pictures of Sharon just missing the spring horse and the hat!

  4. Eve is just beautiful. It is a joy to go through her “Yearbook” and see the fun she is having and bringing to her family.
    Love Carol

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