The Week In Bean: Week 51

51 weeks. This time last year, I was chugging castor oil and logging miles and miles on the treadmill and eating curry and pineapple and driving my mother and husband nuts waiting for Bean. I was so sure it would be February 21st. I was worried about Mom having to fly back to the US without getting to cuddle her granddaughter.

This morning, I stuck my finger in the kidlet’s mouth while playing on the floor, and felt her third tooth. She grooved to some music, tore up some paper, and stood up for a bit with one finger on my knee as her only support. Ā I am back in the jeans I was wearing before my pregnancy, and we are one happy little family.

And then there’s this:

Eve, 51 Weeks

I, for one, welcome our new cute overlord

The year is almost over. It’s flashed by. I think it’s only going to get worse, in terms of time-passed vs. perception-of-time-passed. In terms of Bean enjoyment, of course, it’ll just get better and better.

Especially when she gets her toy piano next week (shhhh!).



  1. That has got to be one of the most adorable pictures of little Eve yet! Its hard for me to believe that she is about to complete her first revolution around the sun! Time flies when you are having fun…… šŸ™‚

    Love you all!

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