Ask The Baby: The Winter Olympics


Sports Commentator (and Baby) Eve Judson

This month, Ask The Baby goes for the gold. Sports expert Eve Judson answers your questions about the 2010 Winter Olympics, currently being held in Vancouver, Canada.

Dear Ask The Baby: Why is there bobsledding, luge, and skeleton in the Olympics? Isn’t it all just sledding?

Slip Slidin’ Away

Dear Slip: Uh-gebble dibbah dib dib! Heh. Muhmmmm gebble dib! Uh heh heh heh.

Dear Ask The Baby: I have read an awful lot about Ancient Greece, and I see the precursors for the modern pentathlon accounted for, but I don’t get biathlon. Skiing and shooting? What’s the point?



Dear Ask The Baby: So this figure skater, Johnny Weir. Is he, uh… you know, does he kick with the other foot, or what? He never gives a straight answer.

Can’t Read His Poker Face

Dear Can’t Read: Heh! Heh heh heh heh.


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