Differentiate Your Divas: GooGoo vs. GaGa

I know it can be tough sometimes to tell the difference between the Bean and various famous people. I mean, just this week, actress Carey Mulligan was nominated for an Oscar, and she is clearly trying to look like my kid:

You see? The eyes, the adorable button nose, the gamine pixie haircut? Totally riffing on Eve’s style.

However, I was more surprised to discover the amazing number of similarities between my kid and a certain outre pop singer.

Lady Gaga at the Wiltern, LA, Getty ImagesTo prevent confusion, here is a handy summary of differences and similarities between the Bean (infant) and Lady GaGa (singer, Tisch School of the Arts graduate).

Both Bean and GaGa:

  • Have three given names
  • Are frequently pantsless
  • Often utter basic monosyllables, e.g. “Ga-Ga-Rah-Ah-Ah, Ro-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma”
  • Enjoy playing the piano
  • Habitually sport unusual hairstyles
  • Wear outlandish outfits– (in GaGa’s case, designed by her Haus of GaGa team; in Eve’s case, provided by her Dad)
  • Are often covered in some unidentifiable substance
  • Like sparkly things
  • Like attention and lots of it
  • Have Italian heritage

Only GaGa:

  • Has pop hits to her name
  • Calls her admirers “Little Monsters”
  • Has worn a costume made of Muppets
  • Has a fabulous Streisandesque schnozz

Only Eve:

  • Hits her Pop
  • Is called “Little Monster” by her admirers
  • Enjoys watching Muppet videos
  • Has a fabulous button nose

Hope this resolves things for you.



  1. Yes, that clarifies things nicely, as Kate states. Additionally, Eve comes by her fashion from the Haus of DaDa by way of her MaMa.
    Continue to Enjoy!

  2. Hahaha… yes! You should video Eve while she is playing on her piano and singing… then put it on YouTube as ‘Baby Gaga’ 🙂

  3. I’m sure the smush will affect more people positively before her time is up than any attention deficit disordered wack job attention seeking GA GA!
    But then I’m just a Pops and pretty biased!

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