Baby Labs Service Upgrade – Now Available!

Baby Labs, Inc., is pleased to announce new expansions of its Thing-classification services! As promised, we have been working throughout the fall and winter of 2009 to bring you a mobile Baby Labs probe. Beta testing is now complete on the most recent wetware upgrades, and we are now able to offer you even more thorough out-checkings of Things via our NEW Tetrapod Ecosphere Explorer  – Home Environment Edition (TEE-HEE).

The TEE-HEE probe navigates all varieties of interior surfaces at speeds of up to 1 meter per second. Its unique, low-profile operation allows for minute inspection of carpets, tile floors, baseboards, and those cabinets you forgot to lock. TEE-HEE can also boost itself to standing position to survey the tops of furniture and fittings to a height of approximately 30″.

Advanced mobility in the TEE-HEE’s forward probes allows for greater, more specified manipulation of found objects. In addition to banging and slapping, the TEE-HEE probe can now

  • Shred
  • Scratch
  • Pull apart
  • Flick
  • Poke
  • Pinch

Finally, TEE-HEE is equipped with a sensitive SlobberMatic Input/Output with new “teeth” that enable it to “chew” Things it finds in your environment, meaning it can now classify many Things as food/not-food. TEE-HEE can also provide polyphonic audio feedback via the SlobberMatic to indicate:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Screaminess
  • Whether or not something is or represents a cat (“GAT!!!!”)
  • Identity of current caretaker (“Dehdeh” or “Mumumumumumma”)

If Things are going unclassified in your home, don’t wait– book your BabyLabs visit NOW!



  1. OMG…you crack me up!! I’d like to book my appointment now. I’d like to visit with the option of taking the baby-matic with me for just a little while!! Love you all. xoxo.

  2. Hilarious. She’s already into her CDs and will no doubt be dancing soon. I also like your mid video snort and the way Xeno has to steal some of the limelight!

    1. She “sings” and dances already. I’ll have to get video of that sometime soon. And yes, Zeno is a ham for the camera.

    1. A USB cable that belonged to something we don’t use anymore, I think. There are a few bits like that we let her play with, because otherwise she’d be grabbing at the computer.

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