Eve & Cousin William

Not much to say, just a picture. William is a sleepy little guy at present. Eve was very animated and patted him on the head during our visit.


Eve, 10 months; William, 3 days

Steph looks terrific. Her labor lasted about two days, and she powered through just with nitrous oxide as her pain relief. Don’t be fooled by the petiteness and cuteness: girlfriend is tough. You do not want to meet her down a darkened alley.

Like his cousin, Will’s got loads of hair. I think he also got his Mum’s eyes (time will tell).  He certainly got Simon’s nose, and he’s got great big hands and feet. Auntie Rose is prepared to teach him the butterfly. He’s got the paddles for it.



  1. Wow! William Morgan is a magnificent child with a magnificent name! Loved the pictures you (Rosie) sent from Simon’s camera.
    Way ta go, Steph!!
    Did y’al get the box I sent back on, like, Dec.6th?

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