It’s Christmas Eve!

Sorry, I know: lock me up in the Punitentiary. But she’s going to get a lot of that at school, so I should prepare her, right?

This week has been one of rapid developments: Bean has learned to clap her hands, can crawl a short way (although she screams the entire time) and we’ve got one of those teeth ready to break through at last. The top and bottom front teeth started to bud big time while we were in America, and then things settled down for a little while (she did scream for the entire first hour of our flight home, however– everyone around us was very nice, and did not have us killed). I don’t have pictures of Mr. Poky the Tooth yet. The kid likes to stick her tongue out when you point a camera at her.

No Christmassy pictures yet: as per my family’s practice throughout my childhood, we’ll be putting up the tree later this morning and taking it down on 6 January. (Twelve days of Christmas, you know). I do have some pictures saved up from our trip and from my phone that I’ve not yet shown off here.

Plus: snow! Bean finds it cold and confusing. It gets a lot of flaps and alarmed “HEH!”s and finally she puts a hand in it and hollers at me: “WHAT IS THIS? WHY IS IT SO COLD? MUMMY!”


Cathy and Joan and Bean

The ladies and their niece

So happy


Baby matches

"Wait, should I try that again?"

With feeling

"Okay... HEH!!!!"

Yay cars

Oh boy, a car ride with Grandma M!

decorative snow

Our first dusting of snow.


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