Christmas Eve Part II

I’m a bit sad: my chocolate chip cookies have gone all flat. I must’ve overworked the butter and sugar. Oh well. The rugelach turned out stunning. And the tree’s up, although SOMEONE is more interested in the camera:

O Evey Bean, O Evey Bean

"Hey, is that the box that goes fla-- oh, it is."

She likes the tree. Has no idea what it’s about, naturally, so our (my) Christmas Eve excitement is a little premature. I am pleased we have snow on the ground for her first Christmas, even if she’ll never remember it.

There are a few presents for her, some very nice basic wooden toys, and then I’ve wrapped an empty box or two for her to tear to bits. She likes that: crinkly paper, shiny things. In fact, she is more of a hazard to the Christmas tree than either of the cats: the lights make it a magnet. She crawled halfway across the room towards it, then lay on the carpet panting, just short of grabbing the lowest-lying ornaments. She’s starting to become more mobile. Another night or two sleeping on it, and I think she’ll have it down. We’ll be in trouble.

The cats, meanwhile, both had a sniff around the tree. Quinn decided to ignore it. Zeno lay down underneath it and began another endless round of grooming himself.

A few more things to do in the kitchen, and then I can sleep.

Merry Christmas Eve,



One comment

  1. A Christmas “Eve”… so sorry that The Box seems to have not arrived. You’d have all had something to hang up. Oh, well. There’ll be other Christmas Eves.
    Christmas in Swiftwater brought the beginnings of many Eve Shrines . LOL! GrandPops can’t walk in the living room without commenting on ‘that face!’ So many beautiful photos… thanks R&T c/o Joan/Cathy

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