This Month in Bean: It’s All Happening Fast


Bean October 26th

"Let me explain it to you."

So Bean’s eight months old now. We took her for her 8-month check-up last week (before she was officially eight months, but whatever), and were told that everything is going according to schedule except for those legs of hers, on which she can already stand up with support and will “walk” if you hold her hands. Earlier this evening she even maintained her balance without support for a few seconds. She is also starting to pull herself up to sitting and kneeling. This is a kid who wants to go places.


Eve October 19th

"Oh hey. I was just about to eat my socks. Want some?"

Today she started to wave “Hello!” at people (also cats) without prompting and with little hesitation, so it’s time to bust out the Baby Signs. We have been using “cat” and “milk” since she was about four months old, but not very consistently.  We know that she is already frustrated by not being able to explain herself, so adding the odd sign here and there should help her tell us what’s going on in that pretty head of hers.

Her babbling is starting to become more expressive, and she does say “Da Da!” when Trev saunters into the room, or leaves it. Unfortunately, she also says it when she sees me. This is most likely because “Ma” is a bit tough for her to say at the moment. We sit her on our laps and say “Mama, Mama, Ma-ma,” very clearly. She squints at us– knows something is being communicated, and tries again: “Dada.”


Eve October 15th

It's that tongue again.

Never mind. Soon enough I will be answering to high-pitched squeals of “MUUUUUUUUUUUM!” so I’m in no rush.




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