Come On Baby, Do The Locomotion

She has always been a wiggler– witness the big square knots in her umbilical cord– but the Bean is now very close to becoming a roving infant. Her attempts at crawling have thus far failed to happen in front of my camera, so I’ll try to describe it.

If you leave her on the play mat for a bit on her belly, you find five minutes later that she’s halfway under the sofa. When this happened a day or so ago, I placed her back on the mat and sat and watched her. What she does is a bit like the Worm. She rocks herself backwards with a kind of wave motion. Sometimes she gets up on hands and knees, but not for long, and when she’s there she just kind of revs up– rocking back and forth and hooting excitedly. This is pretty standard stuff for a baby her age.

What is shocking is that we can already stand her up, plant her hands on a piece of furniture for support, and she stays standing. This is not something most six-month-old babies can do. Also, when you hold her hands while she’s standing on the ground, she takes steps. She clearly wants to go places, and we reckon that most of her crying and bellowing during the day is due to frustration at not being able to move anywhere. I have a feeling we (or at least the cats) are in trouble when she does.

There’ll be no more of this lounging around for Zeno, that’s for sure:



  1. Don’t you DARE to compare MY granddaughter to Jabba the Hutt
    You probably don’t remember but there was one Christmas (still in Belmar) when you asked for Jabba as a Christmas gift!
    It is a Joy to continue to witness (thru this bolg) Eve’s development and her mother’s delight.
    I remember experiencing the same with you… and your sibs.

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