A Very Merry Half-Birthday

SOMEone is six months old today. That’s right, it is already six months since I woke up catheterized and sweating on a hospital ward, imagining there were squirrels all over the bed, and that Bean would be safe if I could pick her up without making any sudden moves.

Opiates and hormones: they don’t mix.

Just as a reminder, here is Miss Ladyface shortly after birth:

She is wearing this shirt right now!

She is wearing this shirt right now!

And here she is two days ago:

Sawin' toothpicks.

Sawin' toothpicks.

That’s 18 pounds of pure cute, right there.

There is a lot to say, there’s not much to say. She’s a baby, a tiny human, and we adore her. It is wonderful to take her for walks and notice an interesting plant and get close to it so she can look at it and touch it and talk to it. It is also wonderful to realize that, without Bean, we would not have stopped to look at interesting plants. Trev and I have always been a lovey-dovey couple (it is five years ago last week that we met in person for the first time), but in the last six months we have daily reasons to say “thank you” to one another. “Thank you,” as in, “Thank you for my baby.”

Enough of that. Here are six videos in honor of Bean’s six months:

1) Very short, but: baby in sunglasses! (Thanks, Greg and Lizzy, for sending them back to us.)

2) Another Trev Komedy Klassic:

3) I think he must have said something very insulting:

4) She totally gets mirrors now:

5) Lower your speakers. She does The Shriek during this:

6) Bean eating a “rusk”. This is basically a biscuit that has the consistency of merengue.



  1. mmm… rusk. I may steal one when I next see Bean. I expect a Proustian rush of memories when I bite into it (the rusk, not Bean).

  2. I am at a loss for words…glad I can still type… this child is exqusite in every way…and so obviously Loved and cared for…. amazing to see her increasing ability to control movement and developing awareness of her surroundings… also seems there’ll be a singing career!!!!
    p.s….Proustian rush of memories??? This man is going to be a Da????
    Lucky kid!

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